Main Line Day is a first-class behavioral health experience. From your first contact with our Intake Therapist you will feel how every aspect of your care is tailored towards achieving wellness. Your wellness experience is designed to promote individual healing of psychiatric illness in a comfortable setting. 


“Collaborative, informed, and passionate care”



Main Line Day is committed to treating the whole person. This is achieved by a constantly reaffirmed commitment to positive change
both within our organization and the people who we serve. Guided by the Four Perspectives of Psychiatric Care, we know that each
patient is more than just a DSM diagnosis or label. 


Our philosophy is that every person must be considered across four perspectives in order to properly diagnose and treat him/her/they:

  1. Disease: psychiatric conditions exemplified by known neuropathologies

  2. The Dimensional Perspective: individual temperaments and their impacts on the individual

  3. Motivated behaviors: specific behaviors (positive and negative) in which the patient engages

  4. The Life-story: The events that have occurred in the patient’s life helping to shape him/her today


Once each individual has been properly conceptualized, their treatment can be tailored to their individual needs.
One of the principle benefits of a boutique practice is that we are nimble enough to adapt treatment styles and goals to fit the individual (not the other way around!).


As always, Main Line Day is committed to providing the best care possible, catering to the individual person.

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