"The therapists at Main Line Day proved a safe, supportive environment that enables growth, introspection and development. The groups that I attended facilitated my path to wellbeing and I am grateful for the care that I received."


- Female, 45, Media, PA

Adult IOP | November 2018

"This Program has been such a help to me. I was in a very
low point in my life when I entered the Program. I am so
thankful that this was available."


- Female, 30, Paoli, PA

Adult IOP | August 2018

"Everyone at Main Line Day is super nice and thoughtful. They have really helped me get on a track of recovery."


- Male, 21, West Chester PA

Adult PHP & IOP | September 2018

"This has been an invaluable experience and I lovingly refer to program as 'Self Compassion Bootcamp' because it's helped me connect in new and helpful ways to my inner child and wise mind.

I'm still on the healing journey, but have so many great tools I can take along with me. I's so grateful for this experience and compassionate staff here at MLD. Thank you!"


- Female, 33, Philadelphia, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | November 2018

"I very well think that it's possible that this program saved my life and I'm forever grateful. I went from being actively suicidal to a functioning person who can live again."


- Female, 18, Bryn Mawr, PA

Young Adult PHP & IOP | May 2017

"The Program truly helped me to gain mental stability and address the issues I was facing in a healthy way."


- Female, 34, Phoenixville, PA

Adult IOP | February 2018

"Really nice Program. Friendly and cool staff, lots of useful advice and plenty of independence.
Thanks for the help!"


- Male, 21, West Chester, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | August 2018

"The Program helped me grow in ways I didn't know I could.
I am incredibly pleased with Main Line Day."


- Female, 20, King of Prussia, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | June 2018

"Thank you to the amazing staff. MLD was a family to me and I will miss coming here. Thank you!"


- Female, 55, King of Prussia, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | May 2018

"Thank you to the amazing staff. MLD was a family to me and I will miss coming here. Thank you!"


- Female, 55, King of Prussia, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | May 2018

"I feel as though this program truly helped me grow as a person and have a better understanding of myself. I have learned invaluable coping skills and can confidently say I am now hopeful for the future. Thank you MLD!"


- Female, 19, Collegeville, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | May 2018

"I have been in and out of programs for quite some time. This place is once of the best places I have ever been to."


- Male, 19, Spring City, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | May 2017

"I found the Initial Intake Appointment to be smooth, relevant and efficient; the facility is clean and comfortable; and overall, the groups that

I attended were valuable and helpful."


- Female, 23, Ambler, PA

Adult IOP | July 2017

"I really enjoyed my time at Main Line Day and learned so much valuable information that
I'll use forever."


- Female, 30, Ambler, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | December 2017

"The time that I spent at Main Line Day was effective. The Program has helped me to feel more hopeful."


- Female, 38, Berwyn, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | June 2017

"Main Line Day changed my life for the better.
I would never have gotten through the situation that I was dealing with without them.
The entire staff was amazing."


- Male, 27, Clifton Heights, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | September 2017

"This place is amazing. It helped me feel so much better. I will truly miss coming here."


- Female, 55, Ardmore, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | May 2017

"I felt understood and supported by the staff and other program members.The program helped me to feel more hopeful."


- Male, 20, Bryn Mawr, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | July 2017

"Thank you so much for all of the support from everyone at Main Line Day. You all helped me shift my perspective and thinking by giving me the tools to regulate and fully express myself."


- Male, 20, Wayne, PA

Adult IOP | January 2018

“Thanks for helping us navigate through this difficult period, our son really benefited from your program and we appreciate everything the Main Line Day team did to help transition him to a better state of mind. Our son mentioned how kind everyone was and how being in a group setting made him feel that he was not only the patient, but also in some small way he hopes his contributions during group discussions promoted the well-being of all participants.”


(parents of) - Male, 24, Lower Merion, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | February 2018

"The combination of compassionate, professional care and a dynamic formal curriculum is both comforting and educational. I am very grateful for the people at Main Line Day.


- Male, 44, Malvern, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | October 2017

"The therapists at Main Line Day never waisted my time. I always took something valuable away from each group session and then applied it to my everyday life. Thanks MLD!"


- Male, 18, Schwenksville, PA

Adolescent IOP | August 2017

"The staff at MLD are very kind, loving and professional. I had a wonderful experience and I would recommend the Program to others"


- Male, 37, Broomall, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | November 2017

"So very glad and grateful that I was recommended to come here. The referring physician was spot on."


- Female, 73, West Chester, PA

Adult IOP | March 2017

"Wonderful and caring staff; skills learned in-house will be very beneficial in my journey for a healthier state of mind."


- Male, 35, Phoenixville, PA

Adult IOP | April 2017

"Main Line Day is an excellent facility and wonderful program.The staff is extremely welcoming and friendly.

They were able to personalize the program in order to meet my individual goals. I highly recommend MLD."


- Female, 31, King of Prussia, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | May 2017

"Many day programs and hospital services are impersonal and fail to give you a plan for real life. Not Main Line Day.
I worked with a professional to create clearly defined goals for my time spent there and was offered all the resources
I needed to reach them. I discovered practical strategies for managing depression and comfort from daily group sessions and creative therapy. When I left after 5 weeks, I had experienced deep healing and had renewed hope. This program is special. At Main Line Day, you will find true compassion from their staff, individualized attention, and the tools needed to conquer your struggles with mental health."


- Female, 32, Philadelphia, PA

Adult PHP & IOP | March 2017

"The staff at Main Line Day are extremely helpful and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there and would recommend it to anyone struggling with mental health issues. The staff does a great job of making you feel comfortable and involved with your Treatment Plan."


- Male, 21, West Chester, PA

Adult PHP | April 2017

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